Evangeline favourite jewels

February 16, 2007 - 3 Responses

Dominic EvangelineThe columbian reports: Having a celebrity wear your designs on Hollywood’s red carpet can translate into a big break for a jeweler. That’s what happened for Vancouver’s Damian Brown after actress Evangeline Lilly wore one of his necklaces to several award ceremonies and on the television show “Lost.”

“My business has tripled,” Brown said. Brown was supplying jewelry to two other television shows being filmed in Hawaii when the creators of “Lost” asked to see his work. Some pieces were chosen for the show, but the necklace that garnered fame for Brown was actually purchased as a gift for Lilly by co-star Dominic Monaghan.
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Desmond’s “Flashes before your eyes”

February 16, 2007 - Comments Off on Desmond’s “Flashes before your eyes”

Desmond Penny

Episodio interamente dedicato a Desmond, occupato principalmente dal suo flashback, e da cosa gli è accaduto quando ha girato la chiave fail-safe della botola, con molte belle domande sulla percezione che la mente ha del tempo, e sulla situazione spazio-temporale dell’isola. Questioni già accennate in “Not in Portland”, con il libro studiato da Aldo (”A Brief History of Time” di Stephen Hawkings), e qui approfondite e portate ad un livello superiore.

Mentre Hurley e Charlie chiedono allo scozzese risposte chiare su cosa gli sia accadendo, e su come faccia a “vedere il futuro”, scopriamo che nulla è chiaro nella mente di Desmond, che ha sempre vissuto in uno strano deja-vu: nel suo passato ha infatti incontrato Charlie, sentito “Make your own kind of music” e il suono del computer della hatch, e perché no, saputo che il suo destino era di premere un bottone su un’isola dispersa per salvare il mondo. E ora, confessa alla fine a Charlie, non può continuare a salvarlo dal suo destino, che è morire.

Ma cosa sarà successo a Desmond (o Desmondo, come simpaticamente lo chiama Hurley)? Ha avuto un flashback, un sogno, ha viaggiato nel tempo, o sta vivendo passato, presente, e futuro nello stesso momento? Ha forse scoperto che il tempo è un cerchio che si ripete, e lui ha già vissuto diverse volte le stesse situazioni? ..I’ll see you in another life, brother!

Nell’episodio, oltre ad un’enigmatica frase di Locke che dice che è stata l’isola che ha ucciso Mr.Eko, ci sono anche un po’ di easter eggs, come le pubblicità Oceanic e Apollo nella partita di calcio, il secondo nome di Charlie, l’orso polare e namaste al contrario del quadro dell’ufficio del padre di Penelope, e l’immancabile presenza dei numeri di lost, 108.

Lost Numbers Are Up

July 27, 2006 - One Response

Lost Numbers‘Experience’ game promises to explain their significance.

ABC says the globe-spanning online game, which launched in May, will reveal the meaning behind the 4-8-15-16-23-42 number string — which has bedeviled Hurley (Jorge Garcia) in particular — in its current phase. The network also promises information on the mysterious Alvar Hanso and his Hanso Foundation before the game concludes at the start of the show’s third season.

The game has already given players clues to the significance of the Black Rock — the old ship several castaways discovered during the show’s first season — and the reason why the DHARMA Initiative is so named (apparently DHARMA stands for Department of Heuristics and Research on Material Applications).

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The scripts of Lost

June 19, 2006 - One Response

If you need some more Lost, visit Press Execute to read and analyze some interesting scripts from the productions of the series.

These are the authentic scripts used by the cast and crew in order to create the series, and are available in pdf format. Available: the major part of season one, and a new entry, the pink version (the last one) of “Outlaws”, the Sawyer-centered episode.

Did Lost Jump the Dharma Shark?

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Regarding last night's Lost, wow, huh? Bang, bang, two tailies full of bullet holes. Considering who played them and the real-life arrests each was involved in, did Lost make a mistake in at least giving off the appearance that it was "punishing" those cast members? While series execs tell the Ausiello Report that wasn’t the case at all, "It's hard to separate that as a viewer," a publicist at a rival network tells TVGuide.com.

This just happened to coincide with [the actors' arrests]? Chalk it up to bad timing!" Marc Berman, television analyst for MediaWeek.com, agrees, telling us, "The shootings sent shockwaves, but what immediately and unfortunately comes to mind is the DUI arrests. Were the producers trying to do the right thing ethics-wise, or is the (presumed) double departure really that pivotal to the story line? Until we get answers and get them by season's end, killing off two characters at once would be an ultimate suicide mission."

Per the Nielsen overnights, "Two for the Road" drew 15 million viewers, a hair fewer than this season's previous low for a new episode (Rose/Bernard's April 12 outing).

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Holloway gives up on emulating Pitt

May 5, 2006 - One Response

Lost star Josh Holloway is devastated he can't achieve idol Brad Pitt's physique from Fight Club, despite being voted on of the world's sexiest men. Despite having a tough work-out routine, the 36-year-old fears he will never reach the same level of fitness as Pitt.

He explains, "If I could change one thing (about myself), it would be the self-consciousness about my body. I feel like I'm out of shape at all times. "Eventually, I'm just going to have to quit trying to be Brad Pitt from Fight Club. I just ain't that, you know?"

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Rodriguez glad she’s not Lost anymore

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Actress MICHELLE RODRIGUEZ is quietly delighted her LOST character ANA LUCIA has been killed off because she was ready to move on.The GIRL FIGHT star's finale aired in America on Wednesday night (03MAY06)just days after her release from a Hawaii prison, where she served time for drink driving.
But she insists her legal problems had nothing to do with her departure from the show – she had always planned to quit the series before she became a regular member of the cast.

And now she's keen to get on with her post-Lost life.
She says, "I planned it. When I signed on I kind of wanted (an) exit. I'm a gypsy, man. I need to be doing different things every year.
"I stays (sic) in one place too long, I get in trouble." But Rodriguez admits her castmates didn't make her departure from the show an easy one.

She adds, "The tough part is when all the castmembers start talking about next season and they get all excited."

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“Bad Twin” is “Lost” in Translation

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Can fans of ABC's Lost (Wednesday, 9 ET/PT) find clues in Bad Twin, a just-published novel with mysterious links to the hit TV show?

Maybe. And if so, it boosts the popular fan theory that the island on which the cast is stranded is purgatory. Fueling the supposition: The author's name, Gary Troup (a nom de plume), is an anagram for "purgatory."

But buying the book might simply be buying into a marketing campaign by ABC sister company Hyperion Books. The novel is obviously a creation that ties into the hit drama — and the fervent fan base that searches for clues to the castaways' predicament. But it is not known whether the show's writers or producers helped craft the tale and whether it has substantive links to the series.

In the Feb. 8 episode, the character Hurley is seen reading the Bad Twin manuscript, found among the wreckage of Oceanic Air Flight 815. On the cover of the new book, under Troup's name, it reads "His Final Novel Before Disappearing on Oceanic Flight 815." On the back is a note from Hyperion explaining that Troup has been missing since the jetliner disappeared and that "reason tells us that the author and his fellow travelers cannot have survived this disaster."
The book jacket also lists another Troup book, The Valenzetti Equation, apparently about a mathematical equation that can predict the apocalypse. The Valenzetti Equation can't be found for sale, but the equation is discussed on valenzettifoundation.org, a site that links to the website for the fictional Oceanic Air (oceanic-air.com).

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Michelle Rodriguez and her sexy vices

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On a visit to Miami's Skybar the star—who was jailed for five days this week after admitting drink-driving—stripped off to go skinny dipping with a naked girl.

One onlooker at New York's Duvet club said: "She set the place on fire and nobody could take their eyes off her, she was so sexy."

Dressed in skin-tight striped trousers and a white vest, Michelle romped with her new pal on one of the club's king-size beds. The onlooker said: "She was certainly not a shy girl as she pushed her breasts against the other girl's boobs and moaned in her ear.

"It was the sexiest thing anyone had ever seen. Michelle was totally hot that night and she knew it. She seemed to be going from woman to woman, nuzzling her face in their breasts. She couldn't keep her hands to herself. She looked like she was in heaven."

Her pool romp in Miami also sent temperatures soaring.

"She has a body to die for and was not in the least bit embarrassed about showing it off," said a Skybar insider.

"All she cared about was showing it off to the other naked girl. They were having the time of their lives.

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Lost 2×20 “?” Promo

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Airing May 10, the new episode of Lost 2×21 "?" – ABC promo via txvoodoo